American Fit has partnered with My Vision Nutrition to give you healthy, fresh prepped meals at our store ready for pick-up.

We offer a variety of fresh and delicious prepped grab-and-go meals that are perfect for anyone who is short on time but doesn't want to compromise on taste and nutrition.
Our meals are carefully crafted by My Vision Nutrition and use only the finest ingredients to ensure that every bite is bursting with flavor. Whether you are looking for a quick breakfast, a healthy lunch, or a satisfying dinner, we have something for everyone. With our convenient grab-and-go options, you can easily take our meals with you on the go and enjoy a wholesome meal anytime, anywhere.

Our mission is to take out the work of time-consuming meal prep at home, so you can enjoy more time doing what you love. No more grocery shopping, chopping, cooking, and cleaning up. Even better, no more eating bland "chicken, brown rice and broccoli" every day of the week! Our prepped meals are ready to eat, saving you valuable time and effort without sacrificing taste or quality so you can focus more of your time on your health and fitness journey.

So why wait? Come by American Fit and try our meals today and taste the difference of fresh, prepped grab-and-go meals!

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