Our Story

American Fit is more than just a supplement store - it is the one and only supplement company that gives you the freedom to choose whichever path you want to embark on for your health and fitness journey. Whatever you need, we’ve got it here at American Fit - from the highest quality supplements to cryotherapy, red light therapy, sports massage, and personal training.

American fit is a one-stop-shop where you can walk in with a goal and walk out with all the tools you need to not only reach that goal but change your entire life and overall well-being. We want you to live your healthiest and happiest life.

We understand what it feels like to be at each level of your fitness journey - from being a beginner and feeling overwhelmed not knowing where to start to being an expert and needing to break through a plateau to reach even more gains. We understand where you're at from our own experience in our fitness journey and that is why we are here for you every step of the way. We got your back!

With so much information out there and so many places to choose from, we wanted to simplify everything and make it as easy as possible for you to get everything you need under one roof. That is why we decided to create a one-stop-shop to cover every single aspect of health and fitness--from supplementation and nutrition with fresh prepped meals and supplements, repair and recovery with cryotherapy and red light therapy, to overall aesthetics with spray tanning and personal training.

We pride ourselves on testing out each and every product we put on our shelves so that we can guarantee that we are providing you with the highest quality supplements that are proven to work. If we don’t like something, we send it back. Here at American Fit, we truly practice what we preach.

Cameron Etchings

Owner and CEO

I have truly seen all sides of fitness. At one point I was a collegiate athlete and then at another point, I was overweight and weighed 315 pounds. You can be in great shape and suddenly your whole life can drastically change: divorce, depression, despair. You try to lose weight but fail over and over again until you give up not only on your physical health but your mental health and even life itself. I have spent the last 22 years not letting people give up on themselves. The reason I train people is simple: I train and build the version of you that kicks the shit out of the old version of you. 💪🏻😎🤘🏻

I am humbled and grateful to be given the opportunity to be CEO of American 🇺🇸 Fit. I want to say thank you to all of the people who have put their trust in me to lead this great company. This team of owners truly cares about making people’s fitness dreams become a reality and they inspire everyone around them, including myself.

Alicia Rossi

Co-Owner & COO

At 19, I thought my life was over. I was in such agonizing pain & I remember the fear & hopelessness I felt when doctors told me I’d lose my vision, ability to walk, suffer with speech & neurological issues, have seizures & chronic pain for the rest of my life. 

I remember lying in my bed, crying hysterically, wishing I could move, especially w/out unbearable pain. I recall one night trying so hard to just turn my body over in bed & completely giving up after several grueling minutes of being unable to do so. I just gave up, face down in the pillow & cried. 

I researched Lyme Disease, constantly determined to beat it. I began a Lyme Disease Diet & started to workout even though it was painful. After a year of strict dieting and exercise I felt so good that I went in to get tested again. Perplexed, doctors declared me Lyme Disease free. 

Today, my battle with Lyme Disease is still fresh in my mind. I realize how lucky I am to recover when many people don’t, and that’s why I’ve never stopped lifting. I’m so grateful to be able to move again, especially w/out debilitating pain.

Whenever you feel like quitting, don’t. Keep going, even if it feels like you’re not making progress, you are. No matter how small the step forward, you’re still moving forward. One day you’ll look back & amaze yourself w/ how much you’ve accomplished. Be proud of yourself w/ how much you’ve endured & how far you’ve come. You’re a warrior.

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